Blizzard Bag 1

Happy Blizzard Bag Day!

le 4 janvier 2018
 Le petit prince
1. Review new vocabulary words for Chapters 1, 2 & 3 on packet pages 6-8. Read the summary of chapters 1, 2&3, presentation made by Madame, by clicking here.

2. REread chapter 1, and do exercise letter G, Citation Clé in your packet, page 7.

3. REread chapter 2, and after, watch the video below:

 4. Answer questions on page 7 in your packet, letter C Discussion de vocabulaire, numbers 3, 5 et 6 ONLY. Write in French.

5. Review chapter 3 vocabulary on page 8 in the packet. RE read chapter 3 (this was last night's homework). Complete letters D & E on page 9. (You had these same exercises for homework last night for chapters 1 & 2, if you didn't get to them, be sure to do them now:)

6. Use remaining time to work on your Grammaire lesson 10 (purple book), due on Monday 1/8.  Remember to do all exercises (reading the lessons!) and I will be grading pages 223-225 ONLY.

 Merci la classe, et bonne journée!


Blizzard Bag #1

Research a celebrity from a francophone country (can be a singer/actor/sports player/musician/artist - past or present)

Create a googledoc:

  • Write a paragraph IN FRENCH describing the person - use your own vocabulary and NOT google translate - ps...I can tell the difference :)
  • Write a few sentences about yourself in French and your connection to the person.
  • Find a youtube video, and copy the link into the document, be prepared to show the class.

Example:  Moi, je joue au foot.  Je suis athlétique et un jour je vais jouer pour une équipe (team) nationale.  Peut-etre les olympiques?  J'aime regarder le foot à la télé et Thierry Henry est superbe!


Blizzard Bag 1 


Blizzard Bag - Les animaux

    • Create a Google Doc (or you can do this on a piece of paper), title it "français 4 - YOUR NAME", and share it with me. Type all of your answers in that doc
    • STEP 1 - Review this vocabulary list of  farm animals in French. Click on the sound icon to hear how it is pronounced and repeat the words. (5 minutes)
    • STEP 2 - Create your own "photo-vocabulary list" (example) for the 19 animals from the list. Use Google Images and drag images into a Google Doc (or you can draw and label the animals on a piece of paper or you can make a Google Presentation). If you search images, do the search in FRENCH. Type the word and then place a picture below. (10-15 minutes)
    • STEP 3 - Farm foods-make a list of 6 animals in French and tell (in FRENCH) what foods we enjoy that come from that animal. Example:  la poule=les oeufs
    • STEP 4 - Go back to the Quizlet set of animaux vocabulary and play a practice game online. Say the words after you hear them. (10-15 minutes)
    • STEP 5 - Animal Sounds - Watch the video at the top of the page and write (in English) what each of these animals are. Then, watch it again and write the "sound" that each animal makes "in French". You might have to watch it and pause is several times. These are the possible sounds:  (15 minutes).

      Example:  le chat - miau miau
                       le mouton - bé bé
            EXTRA CREDIT - Pick one animal, draw a picture of it and give it a name. Write 7-10 sentences describing the animal you have chosen. Include a physical description, personality traits, where it lives, what it eats, favorite activities and any other imaginative details. Be prepared to share in class tomorrow. Use Word Reference to look up words you need. (15 minutes)
          • MORE EXTRA CREDIT: Read and listen to the story in French, The Ugly Duckling. Write 10 "farm" vocabulary words that you recognize and a brief description of the story in FRENCH. (10-15 minutes)
          • If you have any questions, email Madame Garry at:(
          • Bonne Journée!

          Happy Blizzard Bag Day!  1/24/17

          Please use this time today to prepare for the final exam. Click on the Examen Finale-français 4 link on the home page (see link under the book cover image). 

          For the Partie Orale:  Prepare answers to the questions listed and practice saying them.  
          Then click on the Recap tab.
          Once at Recap, record your answers and listen to yourself .  
          Do this twice.  
          Keep in mind that there is a maximum of 2 minutes to respond.
          We will do this oral part in class on Wednesday.

          For the Partie Ecrite:
          Choose one of the options and prepare notes.  The final exam will be done in class and will be hand written.  Please do not use google translate (I can tell:).  If you choose the "etoile du jour" option, you will find the link still on the home page if you scroll down.  However, both questions and answers will need to be written out by hand.  Chromebooks will not be accessible during the final exam.  You need to have evidence of notes prepared in writing to receive credit for this blizzard bag assignment.

          Other loose ends: 
          Due today was the LPP Pesonnages (character table up to chapitre 21)
          Philosophical passages feuille (may be in French, English or both:)

          Enjoy the day and please email with any questions at
          Madame :)

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